South African? Looking to Emigrate to Panama?

Secure Your Future With A Plan B

What is a Plan B?

Permanent Residency in Panama for South Africans offers an alternative way to secure your safety, finances and livelihood by eliminating your dependence on the South African Economy and the South African government.

When you have more than one option in terms of where you live, earn, save, and invest, you have a de facto insurance policy against a variety of threats. Currently South Africans are facing threats from many fronts which are likely to impact on our future and the future of our children.

Your most important asset of all - is you. What good is it if your money is free, but you’re not? Panama Permanent Residency is the most effective way to insure yourself against threats to your personal freedom and security.

A second residency can be that ticket out from tyranny or oppression… a safe passage for you and your family to a new place where the opportunities are better, safer, and brighter.

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PlanB will assist you in efficiently applying for and obtaining Permanent Residency in Panama

Where Can People emigrate to?

PlanB has chosen Panama as the ideal location for people wishing to emigrate to or secure their future with a contingency plan.

Panama is a small country located in Central America. It is internationally recognized as one of the the top offshore countries. Panama's tax advantages and visa programs attract people from all over the world.

Plan B specialises in residency programs in Panama and offers complete support throughout the application process.

Why Panama?


Panama uses the territorial tax system


Easy to qualify for residency.


Little time spent on the ground.

Benefits Of PlanB


Pay the equivalent or less than if the process was done alone


Personalised on ground support


Reduce the process time frame and time on the ground

Knowledge & Contacts

With a presence in both SA & Panama we can assist in a number or undertakings

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