November 3, 2018
| On 7 months ago

Permanent Residency in Panama

Mike Basch from Planb explains how and why you, as a South African family need to secure a PlanB.

PlanB, through its affiliation with Marcos Kraemer from Kraemer & Kraemer have put together a turn-key solution for South African families looking to protect themselves, their wealth and their future from the uncertainties facing South Africa

Michael is currently based in South Africa and handles the presentations and marketing for PlanB in South Africa. Through his extensive background in politics, Michael has insights into government, politics, economics and the general state of South Africa.

In this 20 minute video presentation, Michael will unpack the PlanB model and detail how and why you as a South African need a PlanB and why Panama is the perfect location for a planB

PlanB works in association with Kraemer & Kraemer in Panama