Permanent Residency In Panama

For now, Panama is the easiest place in the world to establish residency. By far the easiest option is through the Friendly Nations Visa, which applies to nationals of more than 40 countries, including the US, Australia, most European countries, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, and several Latin American countries. Citizens of any of these countries can obtain residency in Panama extremely easily by merely demonstrating ‘economic activity’ in the country.

You don’t have to actually live in Panama. In fact, Panama’s immigration code now only requires that the visa be renewed after two years (which should be done in Panama). Aside from that, you don’t really need to spend any time there.

Five years of residency later you’re qualified to apply for naturalization.

Panama Is The Solution

Time on the ground

What makes this passport so attractive for many is that there are exceptionally low requirements for how much time you have to be on the ground in the country to qualify. This makes for an excellent “Time” option, in which you don’t actually have to spend time in the country to qualify.


A second excellent benefit is the country’s territorial tax system, which means that Panamanian residents and companies only have to pay local tax on their Panamanian-sourced income. So as long as your income is earned outside of Panama, it isn’t taxable.

Benefits From Panamanian Permanent Residency

To Increase Revenue
International business people prefer the Panama Permanent Residency. In Panama’s laissez faire economy, there is always a deal waiting to be made everywhere you turn. Everybody who’s anybody passes by Panama to make business deals because of the following reasons:

• The Banking and Financial Center is the life line of Latin American Trade, Logistics, Finance and Investments
• The Panama Canal hosts a Free Trade Zone and the second largest port in the world that keeps on moving 80% of all the shipments between the two hemispheres.
• The cosmopolitan — yet cost effective — infrastructure of highways, underground and aboveground Metro lines, luxury hotels, beaches, sports and a cultural variety of entertainment with a multitude of restaurants.
• With a Panama Permanent Residency you can enjoy a world class Tourism infrastructure with over 100 Casinos, the main Caribbean Cruise Line hub, the Latin American Convention Center, the Regional Tax Free Shopping destination, the top Medical tourism choice and an up and coming Agro-tourism sector
To Reduce Taxes and Costs
Panamanian citizens and residents believe that governments have no right to demand taxes or impose mandatory reporting requirements for income that is generated outside of its borders. This economic policy has worked so well that Panama is the only world economy that has been growing by 6% to 12% every year in spite of the recessions in almost every other country.

International business people, who agree with this philosophy, are getting Permanent Residency and avoid paying taxes on international income. With this simple and affordable strategy, they avoid breaking any of the laws that have been imposed by their own inefficient and unaccountable governments.
To have Easy Air Access
Panama is the hub of Latin America with direct flights to most other international hubs. There are direct flights from most major North American, Asian and European cities connecting every South-Central American capital.
To Secure Privacy and Asset Protection
Panama Foundations and Corporations use Nominee Directors to protect the identity of the beneficial owners by making sure that their names do not appear in any public registries.

Since 1927, Panama provides full-proof Privacy, Asset Protection and tax avoidance with the most private legal entities that can:

• own Bank accounts and other property in Panama or anywhere else in the world
• buy and sell Real Estate, businesses, vessels or any other properties without a publically registered shareholder change.
• avoid paying sales or capital gains taxes
To Enjoy a Lifestyle Improvement
Panama has 3 choices of:

• year-around cool mountain weather
• breezy beach weather and
• always hot metropolis weather
To Experience Liberty and Independence
People from all over the world feel more at home in Panama than in their own country. Panama honors its status as a Republic. In faux Republics and Democracies the confused majorities allow Orwellian governments to crash the rights of minorities that are on the cutting edge of making positive changes that threaten the ruling classes. In the Republic of Panama, minorities enjoy their privacy and remain fearless as they see their business flourish.

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