Panama Friendly Nations Quotation

What will it cost for you and your family to get Permanent Residency in Panama?

Complete the form below, and we will send you a comprehensive quotation detailing the costs  involved in the process of acquiring permanent residency in Panama. Our quotations are presented in an easy to read format  making it easy to understand the costs and timing of the cash outflow required in order to get your Permanent Residency in Panama.

PlanB works exclusively with Kraemer and Kraemer. Your quote will come to you directly from Kraemer & Kraemer in Panama.

PlanB is operated by Michelle Hammond, a South African whom is living in Panama and has acquired Permanent Residency in Panama. After the quotation phase, she will personally be in contact with you to answer any questions and assist you in making your decision. If you do choose to proceed, Michelle will be the Kraemer & Kraemer liaison dealing with your migration in Panama, thus ensuring that the process is smooth and that you have a single point of contact throughout the process.