PlanB Panama Friendly Nations Blue Print

There is nothing better than having a complete list of tasks for a future endeavor. A time frame breaks it into easy, doable tasks making sure that each checklist is completed before leaving for Panama.

All clients will receive a free blue print after they have either had a Skype meeting or requested a quote from Plan B. We recommend booking for a skype session with one of our consultants so that you can get a feel on how exciting your emigration to Panama could be. We will answer some of your questions and give you some great advice on how to begin your emigration to Panama.

What is the Blueprint all about?

It is a simple task list with a time frame so that all your legal, health and financial documentation is in place before you leave for Panama.

The Blueprint is an Excel document delivered via email after you have requested a quotation or booked a Skype session.

1.The detailed inventory of task – with links to detailed explanations/costs attached/timeline

2. The Timeline – Tasks broken down into a logical sequence factoring in time taken to complete the task as well as length of validity of document.

3. The Gantt Chart – a graphical view of the Timeline

4. Detailed Fees Schedule (contains each and every fee payable for everything required for Visa application)