September 2, 2018
| On 12 months ago

Coronado: Panama’s Favourite Beach Community

Coronado is the most popular and beautiful beach community among expats in Panama.

Coronado is the most popular beach community among expats in Panama. Over the past decade the expat community has been buying beach property here.

With the best infrastructure in the area and only an hour by car from Panama City, this is where modern amenities and beach living collide.

The beaches in this area (known as the Arco Seco or Dry Arc) are a mix of bright white and glittering black volcanic sand.

There are opportunities for community service, social outings and activities ranging from tennis to Mahjong to golf. There is even an Olympic pool and an equestrian club.

The San Fernando Clinic boasts modern medical equipment and 24-hour service. It is equipped with a wide range of services, including X-rays, CAT scans, ultra sounds, lab tests and cosmetic surgery. A full time dentist and ophthalmologist are also available at the clinic.

Whether you are looking for beach life, beautiful mountain scenery or a cosmopolitan lifestyle, Panama has it all.